Kayak Body in SolidWorks

Kayak Body 2

After a long and busy absence from this blog, I decided to apply some new skills and create this kayak body. I created the body using three large lofts, two of which include a point as a profile. I then renamed the file (using "Save as Copy") and scaled the body down about the centroid in the new file. This file became the "Core." I added a large boss in the center, and used the "Insert Part" and "Combine" ("Subtract") features to remove the core from the body. I then checked the body using Thickness Analysis to ensure that the walls are no thinner than 3/8".

Thickness Analysis

It isn't perfect: the walls are too thick and make the boat extremely heavy, and I was unable to fillet some of the sharp edges, but apply your best tricks and let me know how you do. Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

Dave Knight

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Mechanical Engineering, 2013

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