What’s New in 3D Motion Creator R2024x

When it comes to design, visualizing how your product will behave is crucial. Our simulation tools such as 3D Motion Creator role can help. 3D Motion Creator provides a robust set of motion simulation tools, within an intuitive, highly interactive, and tightly integrated motion-to-design environment for a true life-like experience. 3D Motion Creator provides easy-to-use functionality for kinematic and dynamic motion analysis of assemblies, delivering actionable results to enable design teams to verify product range of motions and optimize product design, from anywhere at any time, as it runs on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The latest update, R2024x GA (general availability), improves the user experience, visualization, and speed, so you can evaluate your models easier and faster and assess more what-if scenarios. This release features a new Submechanism command to reduce your set-up time so you can quickly analyze complex system models. In addition, you can gain a better understanding of your mechanical system with 3D visualization enhancements, including load animations of joints and motion elements; and identify potential clashes between components with the new Interference Probe command.

Let’s have a look at what’s new below.

  1. New Submechanism command – set up complex motion models faster.

In the latest update there’s a new Submechanism command that you can use to create an instance of an existing mechanism under the current mechanism. This enables you to easily and quickly reuse verified mechanisms existing in sub-assemblies as submechanisms to build a complete motion model.

Creating these hierarchical motion models will provide flexibility in your product structure and a better understanding of the model structure overall.


Set up complex motion models faster with re-usable component models through assembled, hierarchical mechanism definition with the new Submechanism command.


  1.  New Interference Probe – easily identify potential clashes between components.

The new Interference Probe command enables you to quickly identify potential issues between moving parts. Simply select two or more components and run the Interference Probe to see if they might collide and at what point in time.

This is going to help you address issues early in the design phase and enable you to quickly assess the validity of your design changes.

Analyze clashes and clearance between bodies using 2D Plots.


  1. Visualize Force and Torque Animations – gain instant feedback on system loads.

Get a better understanding of how forces and torques will behave in your joints and machine elements during replay or preview animation in 3D view.

Visualize force and torque animation for joints and machine elements.


See these new enhancements in action in the video below.

See my last blog for other updates here. To learn more or for a full demo contact your local VAR.

Michael PEREZ
Michael Perez is a Senior Product Manager with more than 15 years of experience in design and simulation software: SOLIDWORKS, CATIA and SIMULIA from Dassault Systems, in multiple industries such as industrial equipment, automotive and architecture, engineering and constructions industries. Michael is considered as a 3DEXPERIENCE Platform expert and is part of the SOLIDWORKS Product Management team, in charge of 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio.