What’s New in 3D Motion Creator R2024x FD02

Put your components in motion and easily run simulations with new enhancements for 3D Motion Creator that are available now. 3D Motion Creator is our fully-browser based solution for running kinematic and dynamic motion tests on assemblies that runs on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, so you have the added benefits of data management and collaboration capabilities.

The latest update, R2024x functional delivery (FD) 02, enables you to use your motion study results for structural analysis in the Structural Engineer role, stop a simulation when a collision is detected, and more.

Apply Motion Load Results in Structural Engineer – test your motion loads results for structural integrity.

As mentioned above you can now export your motion loads results from 3D Motion Creator into the Structural Engineer solution if you have this role. If not, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on it to evaluate structural simulations for added validity of your designs. You all love this capability in SOLIDWORKS Simulation (Desktop Premium), and now you can do this with 3D Motion Creator to test and validate structural simulations.

Simply export the motion loads to assess component deformation at a single point in time or time interval and do it with accuracy.

Validate your component(s) in Structural Engineer with accuracy, based on 3D Motion Creator exported motion loads.


Collision Detection Alert – identify clashes sooner.

Find potential clashes faster when you are running kinematic studies in the Kinematics Player or Motion Manager. You now have the ability to select a setting in those dialogs called “Stop simulation on clash based on…” that will automatically show you the clashes that have been detected based on the Interference Probes you’ve selected. This will stop the simulation when clashes are detected, and the clashes will be highlighted on your model when using the Kinematics Player or Motion Manager.

Identify potential clashes during your model checks when running the Kinematics Player or Motion Manager.


Selection Filters and Shading – avoid selecting invalid bodies.

Often when you are working with groups of components and lists you’ve selected in a motion element like the Interference Probe or 3D Contact, you may forget you have previously done so. So now if you go to select those same bodies when using the command, they will show up as transparent in the model, so you don’t select them again.

While creating an Interference Probe, if you’ve selected the first group of components (list), the system will identify them by making them transparent in the model when you go to the second group of components (list).


3D Contact Support for Open Surfaces – manage contacts for open surfaces.

Easily work with open surfaces in your mechanisms with the ability to run a simulation on an open surface as 3D Motion Creator will automatically apply a 1mm virtual thickness so you can properly run the simulation.

Run simulations on mechanisms with open surfaces.


If you’re not using 3D Motion Creator and would like more information, ask your local reseller for a demo. To see how customers are using the solution, check out this presentation on the 3DSWYM Community from this year’s 3DEXPERIENCE World by Ken Mansfield from Seneca Dairy Systems.

Michael PEREZ
Michael Perez is a Senior Product Manager with more than 15 years of experience in design and simulation software: SOLIDWORKS, CATIA and SIMULIA from Dassault Systems, in multiple industries such as industrial equipment, automotive and architecture, engineering and constructions industries. Michael is considered as a 3DEXPERIENCE Platform expert and is part of the SOLIDWORKS Product Management team, in charge of 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio.