Increase efficiency and eliminate rework by testing with SolidWorks Simulation

Sometimes you need to see something drawn out before you visualize it. Here are some issues you may have encountered in your production process:

  • Have you ever designed a product, sent it over for production to test it out and spent ample time and resources on re-work and re-design?


  • How do you choose the best materials for your product and design which direction to take while still in the modeling phase?


  • How do you make your product lighter? Stronger?

If problems start to occur late in your design process or you find errors in your design, your entire production may come to a halt until you resolve the issues.


SolidWorks Simulation helps you design with efficiency in mind. Cut prototyping and testing costs by validating your 3D CAD models while you’re still in the design phase. Test for variables such as stress, temperature, pressure, and flow with the click of a button in SolidWorks. Take the complexity out of model testing for anything ranging from parts to large assemblies. You can even calculate the environmental impact of your injection-molded plastics design.


Anticipate design issues before it’s too late and take the headache out of modeling by letting SolidWorks Simulation do all of the work and calculations for you, so that you can focus on creating and innovating. Take a look at this video to see how you can validate your designs using SolidWorks.

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Asya Bashina

Asya Bashina

Subscription Services Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
Subscription Services Marketing Specialist. Brand Marketing pro and travel enthusiast with a sense of humor.
Asya Bashina
Asya Bashina