Though Back to the Future predicted the existence of drones, mobile devices, digital payment, hands-free game consoles, Nike self-lacing sneakers, video communication technology, hoverboards, and video glasses, even Doc and Marty McFly couldn’t anticipate the future of CAD.  You can say “Great Scott!” again. Thinking about the future of your design process with the new technologies available today, we have greatly enhanced our software since SOLIDWORKS 2014 to allow you to complete your entire ideation, product development, manufacturing and visualization workflow all in one integrated platform.

Today we have entire ecosystem with hundreds of enhancements and new features in each of our products tailored to helping you innovate and create products for the future.  Beyond CAD, SOLIDWORKS now offers products to help you with Electrical wiring and machinery (SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS Routing), high-end renderings and imagery (SOLIDWORKS Visualize), injection mold design and flow (SOLIDWORKS Plastics), data management (SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management), conceptual design (SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer and  SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer), quality control (SOLIDWORKS Inspection), and paperless drawings (SOLIDWORKS MBD).

The market today requires that that you create inspiring products that launch at a faster rate. In SOLIDWORKS 2016 we have made the following new improvements to help you achieve your design goals, save time and money, and delight your customers:

  •          File size reduction by 50%
  •          Component preview window for mate selections
  •          Track view locations and automated drawing sheet zone annotations
  •          New “breadcrumbs” tracking and selection of items in model hierarchy
  •          Windows 10 and 4K monitor support
  •          Print directly to 3D printers
  •          New advanced geometry features such as Asymmetric Fillets and Split Surfaces
  •          Ability to find unconstrained degrees of freedom and toggle constraints on and off in SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  •          Schematically driven PCB integration with dynamic PCB creation in 3D in SOLIDWORKS Electrical
  •          New online learning modules in MySolidWorks added daily

If you’re worried about being left behind in the past, then look forward to the future because where you’re going with SOLIDWORKS, “you don’t need  roads,” just robust integrated solutions to help you keep up with current customer needs. Get current with Subscription Services to get access to these great new features!

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Make great design happen and innovate on a budget with SOLIDWORKS 2016.

Asya Bashina

Asya Bashina

Subscription Services Marketing Specialist at Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
Subscription Services Marketing Specialist. Brand Marketing pro and travel enthusiast with a sense of humor.
Asya Bashina
Asya Bashina