Large Assemblies Made Easy with SolidWorks

Imagine this scenario: your manager has tasked you with a project to create a complex 3D model of your company’s product consisting of a variety of components, but you don’t have a tool that’s powerful enough to easily handle a design of this size. Dealing with massive assemblies can be a massive pain in the butt, especially when you’re working with thousands of parts, sub-assemblies,  and also limited by the resources available on your computer. However, with SolidWorks solutions, you won’t need to break a sweat creating complex drawings and structures and sharing intellectual property securely.

Large Assembly Details created in SolidWorks

SolidWorks can simplify your design process with Large Assembly Mode which sets a default threshold for the software to detect the number of components in your assembly. You can easily access data for your top level components conveniently when you’re working with thousands of files with just one-click of a button that will filter out your data.

Large Assembly created in SolidWorks

When you activate Large Assemly Mode, you can work seamlessly with the Lightweight components – performance intensive features, such as reflective surfaces and shadows are disabled. The complex geometry of your model will also be simplified temporarily while you work.

If you’re working with drawings of large assemblies, SolidWorks has quick shortcuts to speed up drawing creation. SolidWorks leverages any available cores on your computer when creating drawing views. Moving around the drawing is also quick using the image refinement technology to reduce the amount of data on-screen at any time. Bill of Material information is quickly gathered from the assembly’s components and askswhere you’d like to place them, SolidWorks does the rest for you.

To reduce the extra work associated with creating large assemblies, SolidWorks can help you tackle any design that has numerous components.

For more information on how SolidWorks can help you with you massive assemblies, watch the video.

large assemblies


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Asya Bashina
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