SOLIDWORKS® Support Monthly News – December 2023

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Welcome to the new edition of the SOLIDWORKS® Support Monthly News! This monthly news blog is co-authored by members of the SOLIDWORKS® Technical Support teams worldwide. Here is the list of topics covered in this month’s Blog :

  1. Resolving ‘Script Error’ when Startup/launching SOLIDWORKS®

  2. DraftSight®: Understanding Version Compatibility and saving files to older versions.

  3. Troubleshooting the error message ‘SOLIDWORKS® Visualize has encountered an error’ when launching Visualize Connected

  4. Exclude a component’s specific configuration from Assembly BOM – the Easy Way

1. Resolving ‘Script Error’ when Startup/launching SOLIDWORKS®

-by Mahendra SAVITA

Multiple times we see that SOLIDWORKS® script error appears during startup/launch or with some other functions of SOLIDWORKS®. Error Occurs in following format, while launching SOLIDWORKS application.

This error can be resolved by following the steps:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge -> Settings.
  2. Search for Internet Options.

  3. Under Internet Explorer compatibility -> Click Internet Options. If Internet Options is hidden allow IE mode and click Restart button to activate Internet Options.

  4. In Internet properties > select Custom level

  5. Under Scripting > Disable Active scripting and Scripting of Java applets

  6. Click OK

These steps will resolve the script error.

2. DraftSight®: Understanding Version Compatibility and saving files to older versions

-by Pratiksha DAHOTRE

DraftSight® creates and saves the drawing files in dwg file format by default. DWG is a binary file format used for storing 2D and 3D design data and metadata. In DraftSight® it’s possible to change file save as format using Save as type option in Save as Window.

As you can see in the above image, with DraftSight® application, drawing files can be saved in .dwg, .dwf, .dxf, .dws and .dwt file formats. D

We all know that the a specific DraftSight version can open and edit any old DraftSight drawing file, but the older version cannot open DWG files created in the latest DWG file format? For example: The DWG file created in DraftSight 2015 can be opened by DraftSight 2024; however, if the file is saved in the newer version, it cannot be opened in DraftSight 2015.

Below table will highlight the DraftSight version and their native file format:

Now, it is possible to change a newer DWG format to an older file format using the Save as type option in the Save as Window. It will help to open the DWG file created in the latest DraftSight version in the older DraftSight version.

For example, a DWG file created in DraftSight® 2024 will have the R2018 file format by default. This file cannot be opened in DraftSight® 2015.  Hence, to open the file in DraftSight® 2015, you need to change the DWG file format from R2018 to R2015.

3.Troubleshooting the error message ‘SOLIDWORKS® Visualize has encountered an error’ when launching Visualize Connected

-by Vinod KALE

Error Occurs in following format, while launching SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Possible reasons that could cause this error:

A. If there is corruption in the SOLIDWORKS® Visualize settings. You can initialize the basic troubleshooting by doing:

First, kill SWVisualize.Queue.Server.exe process from task manager and rename below folders

      1. %USERPROFILE%\Documents\SOLIDWORKS Visualize Content
      2. %LOCALAPPDATA%\Dassault_Systèmes\SLDWORKSVisualize.exe….
      4. %PROGRAMDATA%\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS Visualize <version>

B. User may have two different graphics adapters (Discrete and Integrated) in a machine, and Visualize might be using integrated display adapter. In this case, dedicate Visualize to run on GPU (NVIDIA or AMD) using following steps:

      1. Go to Start menu and type Settings
      2. Select System and click on Graphics settings
      3. Under Choose an app to set preference, browse SLDWORKSVisualize.exe from the installation location of Visualize Connected [C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE\Visualize]
      4. Click on Options and set the graphics preference to GPU under High Performance
      5. Save the settings

During diagnosis, it was observed that above suggestions followed by update of latest graphic drivers, clean reinstall of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Connected did not worked. However, customer disabled the integrated (Intel) graphics card and this fixed the problem.

Disclaimer: Disabling a graphics card is not recommended. If the problem is discrete graphics card related, then user needs to contact their IT Admin or Hardware Vendor and make sure that Visualize also utilizes GPU.

4. Exclude a component’s specific configuration from Assembly BOM – the Easy Way

-by Akhil C

As users working with SOLDIWORKS® Assemblies, we know that we can exclude a specific component or its configurations from the Assembly BOM. You normally go to Component Properties and use the Option Exclude from Bill of Materials.

But there would be scenarios where user would want many such component configurations to be excluded from BOM as soon as they are inserted into the Assembly. But this existing method this could be tedious and time consuming for the users.

In SOLIDWORKS® 2022 and higher versions, you may use Option  Set ’Exclude from Bill of material’ when inserted into Assembly to achieve the same results.

Please see the following video for detailed explanation:


Akhil C

SOLIDWORKS User success Engineering Specialist at Dassault Systemes
Mechanical Engineer with overall 5 years of experience in mechanical domain - Academics and Industry. 4+ years in Technical Support of Computer Aided Design and Supporting SOLIDWORKS suite of products. Certifications: 3DEXPERIENCE® Collaborative Industry Innovator, 3DEXPERIENCE® Industry Innovator, 3DEXPERIENCE® 3D Creator