7 of the Best SOLIDWORKS User Presentations on YouTube Today

In 2022, we made a huge shift in how we delivered SOLIDWORKS LIVE Design. LIVE Design is a livestreaming series on YouTube where you’ll commonly learn how to leverage CAD/CAE software better, in a free-flowing context, with tips you can use in your own projects.

Historically, these had been done by SOLIDWORKS employees only. More recently, however, half of these had been delivered by users from all over the world, volunteering to share their knowledge and expertise with our global community.

Although all presentations shared the spirit and themes of learning and togetherness, the topics were extremely varied and diverse. The same goes for the presenters’ respective backgrounds.

In this article, we’ll run through some of the best of these livestream presentations from recent months, with each episode embedded in-full below (in no particular order).

1) Resilient SOLIDWORKS CAD Modeling Techniques


In this episode, Rafael Testai joins us for an episode SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD purists will love. Rafael’s well-reviewed SOLIDWORKS course on LinkedIn was the inspiration for this edition of LIVE Design, where Rafael takes a lesson-based approach to showing you how he thinks through his CAD model making process. These techniques can be used by industry users, students, and makers alike.



Mat Velders of Full-Race Motorsports hits the LIVE Design stage for this example-rich episode about how he and the rest of his team at Full-Race Motorsports makes their turbo kits. Mat features a Toyota Supra model, which utilizes 3D scan data and a variety of interesting SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD modeling techniques you can leverage – even if you aren’t making high performance automotive parts!

3) Creating Lofted Aerospace Parts w/ TITANS of CNC


This was such a fun episode – and one that was months in the making! This episode of SOLIDWORKS LIVE Design was one part of a three-part livestreaming series our team delivered, streaming live from TITANS of CNC headquarters in Flower Mound, TX. Barry Setzer, a SOLIDWORKS Champion and amazing designer and machinist, used example prints, point cloud data, and sample parts to show off how he’s designed and made the toughest aerospace parts over the years.

4) My Design, Render, 3D Print Workflow


Nadiro Kucukaltun, a SOLIDWORKS Champion and User Group Leader from Turkey, showed off how he takes advantage of software included in the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers offer to make his ideas come to life. In this instance, he uses xDesign, SOLIDWORKS Visualize, and his 3D printer to repurpose fan blades on his way to creating a desk fan that’ll keep him cool during hot weather!

5) Combining Nature, Technology, and (Algorithmic) Design


Nature is surprisingly full of a bountiful quantity of growth algorithms. Utilizing these in our own designs can be a fruitful but tricky exercise. While SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is great at many things, it wasn’t exactly purpose-built to do this sort of thing! Kate Reed, a designer and maker, shows us how xGenerative Design, part of the 3D Pattern Shape Creator role, can be used by SOLIDWORKS users to generate amazing creations steeped in what Kate terms “biomimicry.”

6) SOLIDWORKS Assembly Master Modeling


If you’ve used SOLIDWORKS, you’ve probably made an assembly before. And when you’re making parts with sizes and dimensions that depend on the sizes and dimensions of other parts in a system, one approach you may want to investigate is what’s called a “master modeling” approach to your designs. Caleb Vainikka provides a real-life example from his company, COVE Design, in this installation of LIVE Design – the most viewed of 2022!

7) Intro to 3D CAD Fundamentals


As we state on this stream: we ended this season of LIVE Design with an episode capturing a starting point for many of us. This episode is a great watch for anyone interested in getting a crash course in parametric 3D CAD. It’s also a wonderful session for anyone who’s looking to use SOLIDWORKS xDesign (part of the 3D Creator role), as Mike Britton masterfully illustrates.

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