SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – October 2021

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Welcome to the new edition of the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News!  This monthly news blog is co-authored by members of the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support teams worldwide.

Bill of Materials (BOM) changes in SOLIDWORKS 2022

By Mario IOCCO


Using Sheet Set Manager in DraftSight®

By Nav Mahajan

For any design project you work on, it requires a set of drawings and specifications to accompany the report, which specifies the intent of the design. The Sheet Set Manager in DraftSight® is a great tool to manage your drawings from start to finish in your design. It helps to easily manage large projects by collecting sheets automatically from multiple drawings to prepare them for printing and exporting.

The Sheet Set Manager basically lets you create, organize, and manage drawing sheets within a drawing sheet set. With sheet sets, you can have others on your team work on one subset while you work on another making collaboration and managing your design package an easy task.

You can do the following with the Sheet Set Manager:

• Browse sheets from a drawing sheet set.
• Renumber sheets from a drawing sheet set or subset.
• Rename an existing sheet or drawing sheet set.
• Remove sheets from a drawing sheet set or subset.
• Create new drawing sheet sets.
• Add and remove subsets.
• Rearrange sheets and subsets.
• Open sheets for editing or read-only.
• Modify the properties of each drawing sheet set, subset, or sheet.
• Place model views on sheets and manage sheet views.
• Publish sheets from a drawing sheet set.

The Sheet Set Manager palette can be displayed using the ‘Sheet Set’ command. The Sheet Set Manager palette can also be displayed by Right-clicking the ribbon and click Sheet Set Manager from the context menu.

After you successfully create a sheet set, you can view your sheet set through the Sheet Set Manager Palette as shown in below:


Searching files with frequently used variables in PDM

By Ayush Sharma

SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer’s quick search can be customized for searching value across multiple variables (Up to 5) in quick search. To do this, create a quick search variable list in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool.

Setup the Variable List

  1. Log in to your vault in the Administration tool.
  2. Expand the ‘Lists’ option and right click on Quick Search Variable Lists and select ‘New Variable List’ Customize the new list, use the ‘Add’ button to add search variables (Up to 5)
  3. Select check-boxes for Users and Groups depending on the permissions that are required and then select ‘Ok’. Your new variable list is now successfully created.

To make the search more visual, you can set a custom column for your search results using the same variables.

  1. Expand the ‘Columns ‘option and right click on Quick Search Result Column and select ‘New Column Set’ Customize the column, use the ‘Add’ button to add variables.

2. Go to Permissions Tab and select check-boxes for Users and Groups depending on the permissions that are required and then select ‘Ok’. Your new Column set is now successfully created.

Search the files in Local view using newly added list.

  1. Login in the local view.
  2. Find the Quick Search bar near the top right hand corner as shown.
  3. Select the variables from which you want to search the file, and search the file.

Review the results using the new Column Set by right clicking the explorer.

Quick search can be a huge time saver for viewers, as now they don’t need to open and understand a data card. A very little or no training is required for users to search files across many variables like ERP code, drawing number, ECN number etc.

Noteworthy Solutions from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

icon - SW Why can I not dimension holes in a flat pattern body from holes that exist on a curved or cylindrical part?

This is the proper behavior and in practice, works as if the holes were created in the same way. You are creating the holes in the folded state. To get more information, see Solution ID: S-079328

icon - SW Why might a broken-out section show the error ‘Broken-out section cannot cut multiple offset segments of a section view’?
This message appears when you add a broken-out section to a section view that has more than one section plane, usually an offset section view. To get more information, see Solution ID: S-079338

Icon - EPDM Is there a SQL query (.sql) that I can use to list and export the ‘Text with Alias’ card list values?

The attached T-SQL query example in Solution ID: S-079363 demonstrates how to list all values from a specific ‘Text with Alias’ card list.

Why do see the message ‘A friction coefficient greater than 0.2 might cause convergence issues when running the study. To avoid such convergence issues, set the friction coefficient to less than 0.2’?

Nonzero coefficients of friction can add significant numerical complexity to finite element analysis (FEA) problems. To get more information, see Solution ID: S-079386

That’s it for this month. Thanks for reading this edition of SOLIDWORKS Support News. If you need additional help with these issues or any others, please contact your SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller.


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