SOLIDWORKS eDrawings VR 2020: Out of Beta And Better Than Ever

In 2020, eDrawings Pro VR will introduce a host of new features, bug fixes, and improvements for eDrawings VR. We took your feedback, combined it with our own passion for VR, and built something incredible. If you are a power user of VR, or are familiar with eDrawings Pro VR 2019, read on—an easier-to-use, faster-running program is on the horizon.

Some of the most dramatic improvements over eDrawings Pro VR 2019 SP1 beta are

Click on files and open them instantly in VR—no more environmental variables

Add custom skies and floors for models with ease via the VR Options tab

Bring photospheres rendered in SOLIDWORKS Visualize into your models for more realistic environment creation

Bring models to life with a massive leap in graphical realism. The model on the left is from 2019 and the one on the right is from 2020.

More accurate shadows and lighting


Enhance outdoor skyboxes with new horizon fading


Put creations in the environments they belong in with more skies and floor options

Work with improved, intuitive controls designed for both first-time and experienced VR users

We have also heard feedback from our small and large enterprise users that VR is often difficult to deploy and manage. We know that it can often lack the visual quality and fidelity enterprises customers’ demand. That is why we partnered with HTC to certify the HTC VIVE Pro as the best option for all our customers. The VIVE Pro headset features: a comfortable, ergonomically-minded design, a robust construction to survive both the shop floor and convention floor, and industry-leading high-resolution displays to bring you closer to your creations. The VIVE Pro also uses accurate SteamVR™ tracking, allowing for expansive room-scale perimeters, easier setup, and more headsets in the same area. Plus, the VIVE Wireless Adapter Kit for VIVE Pro not only makes our VR setup more immersive, but safer by removing cables from our work stations.

The team also know the challenges of trying to deploy SteamVR inside a high-security corporate IT environment. This is why we were thrilled when HTC showed us their enterprise management tool. It allows for easy deployment of SteamVR without having to install Steam. It even allows for businesses to use SteamVR without a network connection. You can either deploy and manage SteamVR with a server-client setup, or just install SteamVR on its own. This is all backed by enterprise-grade support to ensure when something does go wrong, you have someone to talk to. No matter what your IT environment is, HTC VIVE Enterprise should fit right in.

Just know when SOLIDWORKS R&D are building the future VR, we use HTC VIVE and VIVE Pro to do it.

Want to take a look? Remember eDrawings Pro 2020 is available with any SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium licenses. Of course, eDrawings Pro can also be purchased separately from SOLIDWORKS.

Want to see something more? Maybe new features or a bug fix? Make sure to submit enhancement requests, we read every single one and use them to help prioritize the features we work on. Just go


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