PDM Data Replication: Common Questions

Replicating the archives of our PDM database is not a new feature for most of us. Many companies have implemented this in their network infrastructure. You can find plenty of information in the administration guides, and using standard online searching to help understand how to go about setting a replication up.

What I want to point out in this Blog, is simply how to confirm things are replicating, and how to understand where the file you are dealing with was pulled from. If you have multiple replicated archives, confirming a user is utilizing the correct server can be the difference between a great experience in PDM, and a not so great experience.

The first method I utilize, can be located in the version tab of any file. By selecting a file, the replicated servers will be listed. This is the first place to confirm that replications are taking place correctly. If specific servers have been identified, they will be listed individually. If all your servers are part of the replication schedule, the version tab will simply list “All Servers” in the replicated field.

Recall, that files are replicated in one of two ways. An explicate replication schedule can be implanted where files are replicated only when the scheduled task gets kicked off. The other option is an on demand replicating. Seen in the below image, performing a “Get Latest Version” will replicate said file on demand, and can be confirmed in the Checked out in Column.


So, what happens when replications are not taking place correctly? It can happen and the process to trouble shoot a replication problem is similar to trouble shooting any PDM related issue.

The first step will be to look into the archive server logs. If you have multiple archive servers, be sure to check ALL appropriate logs for any servers involved. Looking into your SQL database log can also provide assistance.



My last point regards the Replication Status bar. Keep in mind, if you are not replicating the entire archive database, you should not expect to see 100% completed in this dialogue. Many times, we are replicating specific directories to another location. This being the case, it is common to see something like 45% complete in here…and that’s ok! Use the other options I mentioned to confirm the replication on a per file basis.

By: Rob Stoklosa • SOLIDWORKS Application Engineer • TPM

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