SOLIDWORKS 2019 Sheet Metal Tab and Slot

Sheet Metal Tab and Slot was introduced with SOLIDWORKS 2018 and it gave engineers a great and fast way for a common time-consuming task. But it did not last long or the first SOLIDWORKS users started to demand more functionality, like:

  • More ways to influence the slot shape.
  • Default through-all cut functionality for the slot.
  • Using nonlinear edges for tab and slot.

Luckily SOLIDWORKS listened to these user demands and with the release of SOLIDWORKS 2019 they introduced a lot of new functionality for sheet metal tab and slot. This eliminates the need for additional features, as you get the job done the first time.

Slot corners

In SOLIDWORKS 2018 you could only create slots with sharp corners. This means that you had to add additional edits afterwards. Now SOLIDWORKS 2019 introduces additional type of corners for slots, so you can meet your industry standards.

In the Tab and Slot PropertyManager, under Slot, you can set Corner type to:

Slot length and width

In SOLIDWORKS 2018 you could only create one offset value for the slot. This means that the length and width offset were always equal. Now in SOLIDWORKS 2019 you can specify the offset values for the length and width of slots independently.

In the Tab and Slot PropertyManager, under Slot, you can set:

  •  Slot length offset
  •  Slot width offset
  • Equal offset: sets equal values for both offsets

Through all cuts

In SOLIDWORKS 2018 slots were not created as through all when the tab was not fully penetrating the slot. This was impractical since most of the slot holes are created with laser cutting, and not with milling operations. Now in SOLIDWORKS 2019 slots are always created as through all cuts. If you don’t want a through all cut, select No Through Cut under Slot in the Tab and Slot PropertyManager.

Nonlinear edges

In SOLIDWORKS 2019 it is possible to use nonlinear edges when creating tab and slot features. This makes it possible to use tab and slot in all situations.


SOLIDWORKS 2019 enables you to create tab and slot features the way you want, without the need for additional features to get the job done. This saves you a lot of time during engineering, and possibly even saves you errors in the workshop!

Written by Martijn Visser, Elite Application Engineer, CAD2M

CAD2M believes in Industrial Equipment companies that want to make an impact. What drives us is to bring the most out of your employees. To help you in the best way possible, our employees have to be on top of their game as well. We live for challenges in process & product development. It is our passion. With our knowledge of processes we help your company work faster and smarter. We provide you with the best PLM, 3D design & engineering plus manufacturing tools. Want to grow together? CAD2M.