Pinewood Derby – Part One – SOLIDWORKS Series

Hello SOLIDWORKS community and welcome to this three part video series where we will talk about the awesome world of Pinewood Derby racing. This was the first year that my son and I were able to experience the Pinewood Derby together, so like any good engineer dad I thought that we should go overboard in how we prepared for the project. We will see what I thought to be a good design after doing a lot of research on the topic, and then analyze the design in a virtual wind tunnel. After that we will do some virtual speed tests. Finally, we will see how our design held up in the actual Pinewood Derby race. We had to take many things into consideration throughout this project. The first of which being the mass of the car, which had to stay under five ounces. Next we had to calculate the center of gravity of the car. We also had to consider the weight and potential energy of the car. The final thing we had to account for was the friction of the system. See how we designed the best possible car using SOLIDWORKS. I hope that you enjoy and will join us in the second part of the SOLIDWORKS series where we will do some virtual Pinewood Derby races.

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