SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – January 2018

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Welcome to this new edition of the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News, coauthored by members of the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support teams worldwide.

SOLIDWORKS World 2018 Top Ten List

Attention all SOLIDWORKS users!

The SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List is now open for voting! For those of you who are new to the SOLIDWORKS World Top Ten List, it is an opportunity to submit your ideas for enhancements to SOLIDWORKS. Now that the ideas submission is over, you have the opportunity to vote for your favorite ideas. All ideas are considered by SOLIDWORKS development and the Top Ten ideas will be presented at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 in Los Angeles, February 4-7.

Submitted ideas can be viewed by visiting the SOLIDWORKS World 2018 Top Ten List area of the discussion forum. Click on the Categories on the side to sort by specific areas of SOLIDWORKS (Assemblies, Drawings, Simulation, etc.).

Important dates:
January 6, 2018: voting on all ideas begins
January 31, 2018: voting ends

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Did you know that for the past four years, the @SOLIDWORKSCare Twitter account of the SOLIDWORKS Services team has been feeding the SOLIDWORKS community with daily technical tips, news and links to useful SOLIDWORKS resources?

The @SOLIDWORKSCare team consists of Genevieve, James, Anurag, Simon and Tony, all of whom work in the Technical Support organization. Their tips draw upon the collective experience of the Technical Support organization across the entire range of SOLIDWORKS applications. No doubt you’ll find some useful nuggets of information!

So, if you’ve got a Twitter account please follow @SOLIDWORKSCare. If you haven’t got one, maybe it’s a reason to get one!

One point to note is that we aren’t able to offer technical support via Twitter, so please use your SOLIDWORKS Value Added Reseller (VAR) for that, or drop by the forums here to ask for help or guidance from the rest of the community.


Simulation Step-Up Series

Last month, Reza discussed the topic of Reports. This month, Reza comes back to talk about Buckling analysis.

Next month, Yannick will give an Introduction to Fatigue analysis.

Noteworthy Solutions from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

icon - SW Why does SOLIDWORKS® freeze on the VBA splash screen with the error ‘R6025’?
This behavior is linked to Microsoft® Update KB4048955.
To prevent this issue, uninstall Microsoft Update KB4048955.
From Solution Id: S-073957.

icon - SW How do I use the SOLIDWORKS® Settings Administrator tool to prevent a user from creating mirror views in a drawing?
Effective with the release of SOLIDWORKS® 2018, you can use the SOLIDWORKS® Settings Administrator tool to ‘Apply’ or ‘Lock’ the creation of mirror views in a drawing.
To learn how to do it, follow the steps in Solution Id: S-073568.

icon - SW In SOLIDWORKS® 2018, how do I back up individual Hole Wizard settings quickly and easily??
Effective with the release of SOLIDWORKS® 2018 it is possible to use the Microsoft Excel® import and export functionality.
To learn how to do it, follow the steps in Solution Id: S-073698.

Icon - EPDM Where can I get the latest installation information for SOLIDWORKS® Manage 2018 SP0 and SP1?
Upon release of SOLIDWORKS® Manage SP1, the published installation help topics have some errors and omissions. For the most up-to-date information, download the document attached to
Solution Id: S-073628.

How can I see greater precision for the data values of a SOLIDWORKS® Simulation Response Graph?
Although it is not possible to change the precision of values saved from the ‘File’ > ‘Save As’ dialog box of a SOLIDWORKS® Simulation Response Graph (as of SOLIDWORKS 2018), you can view and save the data values at a greater precision from the following menu:
‘Options’ > ‘Properties’ > ‘ChartGroups’ > ‘Data’
For more information, see Solution Id: S-073711.

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Julien Boissat

Julien Boissat

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I have been a Tech Support engineer for Simulation products since 2002. I was previously a product manager at SRAC, the original makers of COSMOS for those who remember that time! ;-). I am currently in charge of the content of the certification exams for simulation products. I also initiated and still author the Simulation Knowledge Base and participate as much as possible in the expansion and evolution of the SolidWorks Knowledge Base. Finally, I handle the SolidWorks Support Monthly News blog.