SOLIDWORKS SNL Options File Guide

The Options File can be used to return a license back to the pool when the SolidNetwork License manager (SNL) sees inactivity on a client machine. This is especially helpful when administering PDM, giving a company a tremendous amount of flexibility on how licensing is handled.

This guide will show you the steps to create your own Options File using the SolidNetwork License Manager.

Launch the SolidNetwork License Manager

STEP 1: Select Modify.

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

STEP 2: Activate/Reactivate your product license(s) and click Next.

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

STEP 3: Check the box to the left of Options File and select Edit.

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

STEP 4: If no Options File exists you will be prompted with the message below. Select Yes.

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

PART 5: The text file will automatically launch. Here we can create our Options File.

  • Syntax is important with this text file and must follow this format:
  • KEYWORD, followed by a space
  • Feature Name, followed by a space
  • TIME in seconds


TIMEOUT swepdm_viewer 3600

  • After an hour of inactivity the viewer license will timeout.

EXLUDE swofficepremium [windows user name]

  • This will exclude any listed users or groups from accessing SOLIDWORKS Premium


  • After 15 minutes of inactivity all licenses will timeout

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

Ensure that the information logged in the text file is correct and save the sw_d.opt file and close.

*Note: 900 seconds (15 minutes) is the shortest allowed inactivity window. Any number set below 900 seconds will automatically default back to 900.

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

For a complete comprehensive list of Option Keywords see chapter 13 of the FLEXlm End Users Guide.

See below for a list of products and their associated name. 

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

 Be sure that server information is accurate and select Next.

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

STEP 7: Activate/Reactivate your licenses. Click Select All, be sure all your SOLIDWORKS products are selected. Fill in the required e-mail field and select Next.

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

STEP 8: Select Finish to complete the activation/reactivation process.

Alignex Guide to SNL Options File

Thanks for reading and we hope you found this post helpful in your SOLIDWORKS deactivation! You can also download the Alignex Guide to SNL Options File, as well as our other helpful guides in the Technical Support Documents section on our website.

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