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Introducing NEW SOLIDWORKS Self-Paced eCourses on

By Joe Rousseau

We all know that learning in a classroom is one of the best ways to learn SOLIDWORKS, but sometimes it’s not possible to attend a live class. You need the convenience to learn what you want, where you want. SOLIDWORKS is pleased to announce a library of self-paced, high quality, interactive eCourses that offer learning on your schedule.

The initial launch of this program includes eight eCourses:

  • Creating Animations Using SOLIDWORKS
  • Flow Simulation
  • Mold Design Using SOLIDWORKS
  • Routing: Piping & Tubing
  • Sheet Metal
  • SOLIDWORKS API Fundamentals
  • Surface Modeling
  • Weldments

You might be wondering what separates a SOLIDWORKS eCourse from other eLearning options. SOLIDWORKS eCourses include:

  • Everything from the SOLIDWORKS instructor-led training manual in a self-paced eLearning format
  • Background information and key concepts
  • Subject-matter expert videos and demonstrations
  • Interactive simulations that allow you to make the picks and clicks yourself
  • Offline exercises that allow independent study and further practice

SOLIDWORKS eCourses are hosted on and are available for purchase from your SOLIDWORKS reseller as a three month subscription.

For more information about the SOLIDWORKS eCourses and other training options, visit To sign up for a SOLIDWORKS eCourse, please contact your reseller.

Proceedings of SOLIDWORKS World 2017 are available online

The SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Session Materials are available for viewing.


Spotlight of features: Noise Prediction in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

by Lotfi Derbal

The Noise Prediction is available with SOLIDWORKS 2017 SP3. The acoustic Power Level is calculated with Proudman formulae, one of the known steady-state approach in CFD. The Proudman’s formula gives an approximate measure of the local contribution to total acoustic power per unit volume in a given turbulence field.

This can be used to estimate broadband noise generated by turbulence.

Available results include the Acoustic Power, in W/m^3 and the Acoustic Power Level, in decibel (dB).

Simulation Step-Up Series

Last month, Reza discussed the topic of Mixed Meshing. This month, he gives us an engineering view of FEA.

Next month, Omar will discuss the topic of basic failure analysis.

Noteworthy Solutions from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

icon - SW When using NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics cards with the SOLIDWORKS® software, what can cause extremely slow performance?
NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics cards have not been tested for use with the SOLIDWORKS software. For this reason, SOLIDWORKS does not officially support the use of these cards.
SOLIDWORKS Technical Support strongly recommends that you use a graphics card that the SOLIDWORKS software supports. For a list of supported graphics cards, follow the link.
It is possible that a recent Windows® or NVIDIA update installed graphics drivers that are causing this issue. If you continue to use a GeForce graphics card, you might be able to resolve the problem by installing a newer driver or by rolling back to an earlier driver version.
From Solution Id: S-072800.

Icon - EPDM In the SOLIDWORKS® PDM vault view, how do I refresh the thumbnail preview?
If SOLIDWORKS® files display the wrong thumbnails in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault view, follow the steps in Solution Id: S-072536 to refresh the thumbnail preview so that the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault view works the same as the local Windows® Explorer view:.

Which level of the SOLIDWORKS® Plastics Add-In is active in my current session of SOLIDWORKS (Standard, Professional, or Premium)?
To determine which level of the SOLIDWORKS® Plastics Add-In is active in your current session of SOLIDWORKS, download and extract the  part file attached to Solution Id: S-072594. Then, compare the list of available analysis types to the images in attachment of the Solution.

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