Cooling Down Beer in Your Freezer with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Flow Simulation is a powerful tool for evaluating the thermal performance of any engineering design, whether you are heat treating metal, cooling down electronics, or keeping your engine at the optimum temperature the flow of fluids to transfer heat is easy to calculate with this easy to use SOLIDWORKS solution. In this example we’ll be testing a common problem in my household, bringing room temperature beer down to a drinkable temperature as quickly as possible. This video takes you through the setup of a Flow Simulation study from start to finish to analyze a time-dependent thermal problem. All you really need to get started are 3D models of the containers for the fluids and a few parameters such as temperature and alcohol content.

Once you get the initial results it is important to check the results against known information to make sure your assumptions were valid.  For instance a fan blowing on the bottles would speed up the heat transfer in a freezer, and beer that is boxed up would cool down much slower.  I found out even opening the door too many times to check on the progress can significantly impact the outcome.  In this companion video we explore the steps you can follow to ensure any analysis is accurate for your specific situation.

Just remember not to drink and design!  The world doesn’t need another Pontiac Aztec.  If you would like the assembly files from first video, please contact us at

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