SOLIDWORKS Infinite Power Ring Surfacing – Part 4

How do you harness infinite power? With SOLIDWORKS of course! Maybe not in the supernatural or “I-was-just-bit-by-an-insect-and-now-I-have-the-strength-of-1000-men” sense BUT, this kind of infinite power is even better. We’re talking about the power of 3D CAD! To begin acquiring your CAD superpowers, watch our Infinite Power Surfacing Ring Tutorial series! We can’t promise you wearing the ring itself will help you achieve your goal but as the old adage goes, knowledge is power – this series will give you the understanding you need to conquer all of you SOLIDWORKS surfacing dreams!.

The final part of our series on building this Infinite Power Ring using only surfaces includes a deep dive into the Planar Surface and Filled Surface features, with some notes on best practices for keeping History Tree clutter down when using these features. We’ll wrap up the design by using the Replace Face feature.

Once a week for the next month, we will bring you the next step in the Infinite Power Ring Surfacing tutorial series. This series starts off with some basic surfacing topics like simple extruded surfaces but as it progresses, we will cover more complex themes such as the “Offset Face” feature. Can’t wait for the next video? View all of the tutorials on the playlist here.

As always, thanks for watching! Show us what you come up with in the comments section! We can’t wait to see your designs!

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