Here’s the Easiest Way to Move & Rotate Your Models

As you all probably have realized, when it comes to doing anything in SOLIDWORKS quickest and easiest are synonymous. What’s quick is easy. What’s easy is quick. So here’s a quick tip on the easiest way to move and rotate your models.

That’s why I think the easiest way to move and rotate your models is by maximizing the out of the box functionality of the SOLIDWORKS mouse controls. Most would agree that the middle mouse wheel is the best way to change the camera view with the pan, zoom, and rotate commands; but why stop there? The mouse can also be used to move and even rotate your models. Better yet, there’s no need to actually go in to the move command to do this, because SOLIDWORKS will activate the command behind the scenes without you even knowing it.

Here’s how it’s done:

Easiest way to move components

  • Moving Models: Press and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on your geometry
  • Rotating Models: Press and hold the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON on your geometry

So next time your inside of the mate command, or just looking to move your geometry with the triad remember this: left click to move and right click to rotate.


Stephen Petrock
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Stephen Petrock