FSAE Tips for the Competition – For the Love of Engineering

FSAE Tips for the Competition  – For the Love of Engineering

So the results for FSAE Michigan are in.  Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the competition and thank you to all the teams that talked to me during the event.  I learned a great deal and want to share some of what I learned with the engineering students that work so hard at this competition and for those schools thinking about starting a FSAE team.  After coming home, I reviewed the rules for 2011 and wanted to make a few suggestions.

The events, Design Event, Presentation Event, Cost Event  are static.  For teams that will participate in 2012 FSAE events, assign team members now .  Let's take the Cost report.  There are two parts: 1) A copy of the Cost report, due at least 7 weeks before the event.  2) A presentation of the Cost report at the event, at a scheduled time, in front of judges during the event.  Some teams lost points just because of their documents being late in the mail.  Some teams lost points because they could not answer the judges questions.  Engineers must always be early. Engineers must be prepared.

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