Formula Hybrid – Electric Competition Highlights Students Engineering Talents

Formula Hybrid + Electric is one of the most challenging competitions in the SAE collegiate circuit.  Requiring multidisciplinary student teams in mechanical, electrical, systems, chemical, robotics engineering and computer science, the event tests the design, performance, and durability of a competition vehicle with strict rules.  In addition, students must present to industry judges on their drivetrain innovation and vehicle efficiency.

Founded and run by the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth since 2006, Formula Hybrid took place last week at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH. Compared to Michigan Speedway, the track brings another obstacle to the competition.  There is a steep incline during the endurance laps – challenging the best electric motors.

This year it rained everyday.  But students used teamwork to persevere through each event.

WPI Formula Electric Team Keeping the Driver and Car Dry

Thank you Formula Hybrid + Electric organizers for capturing this moment of the WPI Formula Electric team.  Always protect the driver and the vehicle, even in the rain.

Purdue University Formula Electric Team

Students got to prepare in the garage and take shelter.

WPI Formula Electric Passes Tech Inspection

Students must go through a series of safety tests to pass Tech Inspection and get “the sticker”.

Northeastern University Formula Electric on Tilt Table

Tilt Table, Student sits in the vehicle and the table is rotated to 45 and 60 degrees.

WPI Formula Electric Tallest Driver in Egress

Driver Egress – get out of the vehicle in under 5 seconds and land on two feet.

WPI Formula Electric Team with Judges

Students participate in static events, speaking to judges about their designs and improvements.

WPI Formula Electric Ready for Acceleration

There are also dynamic events that tests the vehicle’s maneuverability and performance.

University of Waterloo Toolbox at Formula Electric + Hybrid

My favorite toolbox was from the University of Waterloo, Canada. This team has the biggest SOLIDWORKS Sticker.

WPI Formula Electric Advisor and Alum Jessica Babcock

Once you are involved in a Formula team it remains in your blood.  Thank you Jessica Babcock, WPI alum for the visit.  Former graduates come to support their team.  As WPI is my alum and my husband, David is co-advisor with Professor William Michalson, I got to follow the team every day and night.  I have been following the WPI Formula Electric team closely for the past three years.

WPI Formula Hybrid + Electric Third Place Overall 2023

Congratulations WPI Formula Electric for winning 3rd place overall, along with the IEEE Advanced Technology award (2nd year in a row) and the Testing award.

University of Toronto Formula Electric

Congratulations to the University of Toronto for winning the event. We wish you the best at Formula Electric Michigan.

Congratulations too, Massachusetts Institute of Technology #Motorsports for winning Virtual Racing Challenge.

The Formula Hybrid + Electric event wouldn’t be complete without cheering on the other teams who have accomplished so much. Here are some other teams we spotted with our SOLIDWORKS stickers.

Yale University
University of Wyoming Hybrid
University of Waterloo


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Design well, Marie






Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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