New STEM/STEAM Lessons with BlocksCAD and SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

We are pleased to announce our partnership with BlocksCAD, a block based coding platform focused on increasing coding and math skills in elementary and middle school students.  The SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids – BlocksCAD Lessons are great for fun Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) learning showcasing children’s creativity while learning about computer science and mathematics.

The BlocksCAD curriculum team developed coding activities that integrate into existing activities in the Apps for Kids program through the 2 first adapted lessons from the Apps For Kids library.  These lessons include a BlocksCAD extension aligned with Mathematics and Computer Science standards. This curriculum has been tested and the feedback from the teachers is very positive.

Now children can apply radius and height numerical values to the creation of a cylinder to begin their watch design and so much more.

Teachers, Parents, and Mentors, SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids provides free web based software apps and lessons.  These great new BlocksCAD lessons are also free and can be found on their web site to learn more!

Be well, Marie

Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

Senior Director, Early Engagement, 3DEXPERIENCE Works at Dassault Systemes
Marie Planchard is an education and engineering advocate. As Senior Director of Education & Early Engagement, SOLIDWORKS, she is responsible for global development of content and social outreach for the 3DEXPERIENCE Works products across all levels of learning including educational institutions, Fab Labs, and entrepreneurship.
Marie Planchard