Using SOLIDWORKS for New Creative Purposes



I am a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert, and I have used my CAD skills in more traditional modelling practices for some time. Recently, I decided to branch out and test SOLIDWORKS’ capabilities in a more creative setting. We engineers love making homemade gifts, so I decided to use SOLIDWORKS to design a ring as a gift for my girlfriend. With the design capabilities of SOLIDWORKS and the production capabilities of Shapeways, I was able to successfully design and produce my first piece of jewelry ever!

I wanted the ring to look simple but dynamic, and the concept I envisioned was two rings melting apart, with strands of “melting” metal holding the two rings together as one. I started with some simple sketches of the idea, and quickly moved to modeling in SOLIDWORKS. I utilized one revolve feature to start, followed by patterns of extrude-cuts of shapes that I created using spline tools. I finished off the model by adding fillets to soften any sharp edges, and then I used SOLIDWORKS PhotoView 360 to create renderings of the ring.

After being able to visualize what the final physical product would look like from the renderings I created, I tinkered with small details of the model until I was happy with it. I then uploaded an STL of the model to to get an instant quote for production of one of these rings. I looked at a few different materials, finally decided to go with silver, and within a few weeks, I was holding my creation in my hand and preparing to give it to my girlfriend. She loved it, of course, and has been wearing it every day since!


This project helped me realize that SOLIDWORSK can be used for more creative and artistic purposes. SOLIDWORKS proved its usefulness to me outside of traditional parametric modeling and engineering applications. This experience has given me more confidence to design more jewelry, and use the tools in SOLIDWORKS for more creative and out-of-the-box purposes!

Any student who wants to try their hand at creating art? The SOLIDWORKS Student Edition is available. Ask your teachers or professors if your school is licensed, or purchase a copy for yourself to get started.

Gian Calise

Education and Early Engagement Sales Intern at SOLIDWORKS
I am a SOLIDWORKS Education and Early Engagement Sales Intern in Waltham, MA. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Science in mechanical engineering at Tufts University in Somerville, MA. I love to draw and sculpt in my free time, and I played football through high school and college.

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