Students from Olin College and the Apps for Kids Team Host Paper Craft Activity


Students from the local Olin College of Engineering hosted a SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids paper craft activity Friday, 11/11. Children of employees from the Waltham campus were invited to attend the event.

The event began with some puzzling riddles to get the kids’ creative juices flowing.

The group broke into teams for the activity, led by the Olin College students. Each group was first shown an image of a 3D model that was created using Apps for Kids. Many commented on the identity of the weird, animal-like shape presented to them. Some claimed it was a hammerhead shark with legs; others thought it resembled a tooth. The original creator most likely intended it to be a turtle, judging by its bulbous back and small legs






They were then given paper cutouts that could be assembled into the 3D creature they were shown. The cutouts became progressively more complex, but the students were undaunted. After being recharged by an ice cream break, many were able to complete even the most complex craft.



Thank you to the Olin College team and the SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids team for hosting this fun STEM event.


Erica Traini

I am currently an intern in the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Boston and a Mechanical Engineering student at Northeastern University. I am a bookworm and a lover of anything chocolate.