SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur: Canvas Technology Breaking Down Waste in Product Transportation

Canvas Technology Logo

Canvas Technology eliminates waste in the transport of products through factories, warehouses and beyond. Canvas Technology’s team uses their knowledge of robotics, lean manufacturing and marketing to reduce time for end to end delivery of goods. This highly qualified team is bringing warehouses and factories into the future.

Canvas Technology recently came out of stealth mode in October. Since then, they have been featured in Robotics Business Review for their autonomous vehicles. Their work with vision based perception creates a more accurate canvas sensor. Canvas Technology continues to push the boundaries of their field.

Demo of Canvas Technology

Using the sheet metal plugin and circuits’ plugin from SOLIDWORKS, Canvas Technology has been able to bring their mission of improving the world and pushing the boundaries of robotics to life. I had a chance to talk with Co-founder and VP of Marketing, Sandra McQueen, to discuss Canvas Technology’s journey. “We use the [SOLIDWORKS] Entrepreneurship Program in our normal business operations. It allowed us to create CAD designs at the early stage of our company, without having to invest our limited resources in a CAD software tool from the outset of our company. We chose SOLIDWORKS mainly because of its low price and widespread use with early-career hires.”

Canvas Technology Team

Currently, Canvas Technology is preparing to launch their first product to market.

Thank you to Sandra McQueen and Canvas Technology for being a SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur and sharing with our community.

Isabelle Smith

Education and Early Engagement Intern at SOLIDWORKS at Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS
Isabelle Smith is the Education and Early Engagement Intern for SOLIDWORKS. Focused on helping Startups and Entrepreneurs reach their highest potential, Isabelle strives to continually increase her knowledge on the Startup world. She has worked with Entrepreneurs at numerous startup events, competitions, workshops and accelerators. Isabelle looks forward to continuing her career with startups world wide.