SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur: Alpha Proto Making Companies Ideas a Reality

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Alpha Proto dedicates their time to taking people’s and companies’ ideas from concept to reality. This entrepreneurial team has brought a company’s engineering team to the next level. The result is a team of mechanical, electrical and software experienced individuals who can help develop a business’s product for proof of concept.

(Discloser: Team featured above is SegAna not Alpha Proto)

Alpha Proto recently worked with another startup, SegAna, that works out of the UCF Incubator to help design a simulator that actuated the breathing of the 3D printed lung. Because of the fantastic work that Alpha Proto provided for SegAna, the Orlando Sentinel wrote an article on SegAna that Alpha Proto is referred to for building the prototypes.

They have worked with other notable companies such as St. Johns Optical Systems, Primal Innovation, Saikou Optics, Blue Whale Skimmers and Rabbit Hole Escape Games. Alpha Proto looks forward to their next project working alongside The University of Central Florida (UCF).

Plastic Injection Mold Design using SOLIDWORKS

Many of the prototypes, like the one featured above of a plastic injection mold design, are designed in SOLIDWORKS. During its time in the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneurship Program, Alpha Proto took advantage of the multiple add-ins that are available to participants in the program.

I had a chance to sit down and talk with Senior Mechanical Engineer and CMO, Scott Stickler, over the phone. “I had not used SOLIDWORKS for seven years prior to working at the company I worked at for two and a half years before we started Alpha Proto. I went with what I knew. It was easy to start using SOLIDWORKS again. The SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneurship Program allowed us to have access to a more advanced SOLIDWORKS license then we would have been able to afford at the time. When we graduated out of the Entrepreneurship Program, we knew the value of SOLIDWORKS CAD and bought a license.”

(From left to right, Senior Electrical Engineer and CEO Richard Andres, Senior Mechanical Engineer and CMO Scott Stickler, Senior Software Engineer and CFO PhD Gary Stein)

Alpha Proto is currently working out of the UCF incubator to further strengthen their company.

Thank you to Alpha Proto and Scott for being a SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur and sharing your story with our community.

Isabelle Smith

Education and Early Engagement Intern at SOLIDWORKS at Dassault Systems SOLIDWORKS
Isabelle Smith is the Education and Early Engagement Intern for SOLIDWORKS. Focused on helping Startups and Entrepreneurs reach their highest potential, Isabelle strives to continually increase her knowledge on the Startup world. She has worked with Entrepreneurs at numerous startup events, competitions, workshops and accelerators. Isabelle looks forward to continuing her career with startups world wide.