SOLIDWORKS and Sindoh: Alligator Pin Tutorial

My name is Colleen Gallagher and I am an Electrical Engineering Major entering my fourth year at Northeastern University. I am currently an intern on the SOLIDWORKS Education team and I have to say, my favorite part about this job is the 3D printing! This post is all about modeling and 3D printing various versions of an alligator pin using Sindoh’s 3DWOX.




The 3DWox Printer

The 3DWOX uses a 3D printing method knowns as FFF, which stands for “Fused Filament Fabrication”. This method is essentially the same as Makerbot’s Replicator, which uses FDM printer or rather “Fused Deposition Modeling”. This is an additive form of printing, involving the heating of filament to its melting point and then extruding it layer by layer. The printer starts building from the bottom to the top of the model.


Alligator Pin: Version 1

This is another cute yet functional project! This version of the alligator pin includes a video tutorial is and it is considered the simpler of the two versions. The video shows how to make the SOLIDWORKS model through a series of sketches (lines and arcs) and two features. These features include extruded boss/base as well as extruded cut. The uses for this model include holding paper (as shown in the pictures) or keeping bags closed. The link for the video is located here.






Alligator Pin: Version 2

This version of the alligator pin has a the body that  when pinched, the mouth will open wider. It is more difficult than the first version and it has more functionality as a result. The SOLIDWORKS model creation involves more complicated sketching and extruded cuts. It is important to note that because the body is meant to be pinched, you need to make sure that the body is modeled thick enough. This is so the model can handle the stress without breaking.



PS: Thank you Colleen for giving us your creativity and inspiration as part of the SOLIDWORKS Education team.

Colleen Gallagher with Sindoh 3d Print

You will be missed.  Marie


Colleen Gallagher is a student at Northeastern University and a SOLIDWORKS Education intern. She is studying Electrical Engineering and is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate.