SolidWorks Model of a Human Skeleton on My Kitchen Table

Artificial Hip Replacement SolidWorks Thomas Jones WPI
I found a SolidWorks model of a human skeleton on my kitchen table, so it was time to review thisproject.  Every 7 weeks, David teaches an Introduction to CAD course at WPI and corrects the final projects at home.  Students can choose their own final project, relevant to their interest – with professor approval. 

WPI student, Thomas Jones shared his research and models with me on Artificial Hip Replacement.

 Hip Implantation Assembly

Thomas downloaded the human skeleton and human femur from www.3DContentCentral.

 Skeleton  Femur    

From the imported model, he extracted geometry and created the hip replacement parts, inserted components into an assembly, and produced the engineering drawings to document the process.

 Total Hip Replacement Assembly

You can see Thomas’ hip replacement assembly in this eDrawing. 

Download Total Hip Replacement_Exploded 

Thank you for sharing.  Marie

Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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Marie Planchard