Take-Out Food Box in SolidWorks

Take-Out Food Box

For this post, I decided to create something that we all have most likely seen at some point in our lives, a take-out food box.  I created it using sheet metal tools as I treated the sheet metal like paper.  The neat thing is that you can unfold this into a single piece.  The image below shows that unfolded state but I made the bend lines more clear to give you an idea of how this goes together.

Take-Out Food Box Flattened with Bend Lines

The main box was started by using a base flange and then edge flanges were added to create the sides.  I used the mirror feature a number of times as the opposite sides are symmetric.  I then added a number of cut extrudes and bends to finish it off.  Some of the folds I was not able to get perfectly flat against the sides as space was need so that the handle would fit.  After I finished creating the main box, I created the handle as an in-context part.  This allowed me to make sure that the handle would fit perfectly on the box with not interference.  Feel free to check out my model.

Ian Jutras

Worcester Polytecnic Institute

Mechanical Engineering '13

Download Take-Out Box Assembly