Fire Sprinkler

Fire Sprinkler

    For this post I made a fire sprinkler thanks to the suggestion of one of my friends who is studying fire protection.  The base sprinkler head was made using some boss extrudes.  The threads were made by using a helix and then sweeping it with a triangle.  The bottom end was trimmed so that the threads would not extend beyond the base.  The nozzle in the base was created by using a revolve feature.  The goal behind this was that the water would increase in pressure due to the nozzle effect.  The top support for the water diffuser was created using extrudes and a swept feature.  The boss extrude on top that is used for the screw was made using a plane that was tangent to the top arc and parallel to the top plane.  The water diffuser started as a simple revolve feature.  The cuts around the edge were made by drawing a triangle on a plane that was offset from the revolve feature.  This through all cut was then patterned around the entire part.  The glass part is a two bodied part.  The first one is the glass bulb using a revolve feature.  The internal fluid is also created with a revolve feature but then colored to look like a liquid.  The screw was brought in from the SolidWorks tool box.  I hope you enjoy.



Ian Jutras

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Mechanical Engineering 2013

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