SolidWorks Turtle with Flow Simulation




For this post I decided to model a turtle.  I sort of modeled it after a sea turtle.  I used the boundary feature to create the shell, and then used a series of chamfers and fillets to smooth out the fins and head of the turtle.  The design on the shell was created using an extrude cut feature.  I used the options from the surface of the shell and cut in an offset from the surface.  This allows every cut to be the same distance off the surface.  I started with one hexagonal cut and then used 4 linear patterns to multiply it across the shell.  After making this model I decided to run a flow simulation on it.  The results are shown in the video above or can be downloaded at the bottom.  The lines represent the velocity of the water as it flows around the turtle.  This model was created in SolidWorks 2011; if you have an earlier version of SolidWorks you can go here to 3D Content Central to download the model for your version.  I hope you enjoy.


Ian Jutras

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Mechanical Engineering 2013

Download Turtle

Download Turtle Flow Simulation Video Low Res