FEA Tutorial: NAFEMS Benchmark Hemisphere Under External Pressure

NAFEMS Benchmarks,   Hemisphere Under External Pressure in SolidWorks,  allows you to explore creating a hemisphere in SolidWorks and analyzing the model using SolidWorks Simulation – all in the same interface.  NAFEMS Benchmarks in SolidWorks contain a variety of exercises in Linear Static, Non Linear Analysis, Thermal, Natural Frequency, Force Vibrations, and  Composites. 

Hemisphere 15 

How do you create a smart model in SolidWorks for FEA analysis? Instead of creating the entire hemisphere, you model a 1/4 of the hemisphere and fix both ends.  When you are trying to simulate thin walled vessels, you can use SolidWorks Surface features. 

Surfaces tools can be accessed as follows:

1, Right click in the CommandManager and Select Surfaces.

2. Select Insert, Surfaces

SolidWorks Surface Tools 

Inside of SolidWorks Simulation, you can change dimensions and parameters, such as a radius, the Mesh and Run the model again to see the results.

To open the model for this exercise, Add In SolidWorks Simulation. Select Help, SolidWorks Simulation, Validation, NAFEMS Benchmark, Linear Static.

Hemisphere Under External Pressure 

Video: Download NAFEMS Pressure in SolidWorks LR

Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

Senior Director, Early Engagement, 3DEXPERIENCE Works at Dassault Systemes
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Marie Planchard