Laurentian University Students win NASA’s Lunabotics Competition with SolidWorks

Congratulations to Laurentian University students in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, have won NASA's Lunabotics competition.

Laurentian University Nasa Lunabotics SolidWorks Model 
This eight member student team of 4th year mechanical engineering students won NASA's prestigious competition, where students design remote controlled excavators to dig, collect and deposit as much "lunar" material as possible.  Laurentian achieved this goal by collecting 237.4 kg of synthetic lunar material and used SolidWorks and SolidWorks Simulation to model and perform a finite element analysis on their winning design.

Laurenitian University Nasa Lunabotics SolidWorks FEA 
Their SolidWorks model used a top down approach all controlled with a single sketch so the engineering team could create design iterations to improve on their initial ideas. 

Laurentian Lunabotics SolidWorks Design Interation 2 

40 other universities around the world particated in the NASA Lunabotics competition.

Their engineering advisor Dr. Markus Timusk was kind enough to share these pictures and article with me.  Congratulations!  Marie

Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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Marie Planchard