Easy Access Engineering Terms

Hi Everyone,

Well the school year has started in many parts of the country.  While we get set to do one of the hardest jobs in the world here are some tools you might want to use.

Here is a deal that is hard to pass up because it is free.  Everything listed here is free.  For the teachers and students out there that are in pre-engineering or for those enrolled in engineering colleges this URL down below will take you to a FREE Engineering Dictionary from McGraw Hill.  That is kind of hard to beat.  It can sit right on your desktop for easy reference.


Here are some more very nice web sites for reference also.  I like the downloadable types because you might not always have an internet connection available if you are working on your laptop away from the home or office.  Not all of these are able to be donwloaded but it can sure help when you need to research something in the technology.  Why not take a look? You might have to copy and paste if the link does not work.





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