Lesson Plan: Parabola from Algebra to Calculus

Parrevolution This lesson develops two examples with a parabola. The first example explores graphing a parabola from an equation, finding the area bounded by the x axis, center of mass, and volume of a solid in revolution about a line parallel to the x-axis. Understanding a parabola in algebra can lead to success in Calculus and Calculus based science classes such as physics, engineering mechanics and dynamics. The second examples bounds the parabola by both the x and y axis, explores the centroid and volume in revolution.

Lesson Plan: Parabola_From_Algebra_to_Calculus Part0icon

Sample Parts: Parabola_Solid_in_Revolution   

Part0icon Sample Parts:Centroid_Solid_in_Revolution

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Marie Planchard

Marie Planchard

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Marie Planchard