Model Mania is Back for its 25th Year at 3DEXPERIENCE World

What is Model Mania, you ask?  It’s the much beloved SOLIDWORKS modeling championship that takes place every year at 3DEXPERIENCE World, one of the largest engineering conferences worldwide.  Whether you’re a student or a professional, there are so many reasons to attend!

Every year, engineers and designers come to the Model Mania booth in the Playground to take on the challenge and see who is the best and most proficient at using SOLIDWORKS software.

This year, 3DEXPERIENCE World (#3DXW24) takes place in Dallas, Texas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center on February 11-14, 2024.  It’s going to be a rootin’ tootin’ time, with lots of cowboys and maybe even some bull riding.  As always, the Model Mania booth will be a fun and active place to visit.

The past three years, we had virtual challenges, due to the pandemic.  In 2023, we got back together in person and held two Model Mania challenges; both in-person and virtual.  This year though, we will go back to our regular in-person conference, so the Model Mania challenge can only be taken if you are physically in Dallas attending the conference in person.


How to Take the Model Mania SOLIDWORKS Challenge

To enter the challenge, simply come to the Model Mania booth in the Playground.  The booth will be open to all attendees during the Playground hours on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Winners will be announced at the Theater in the Playground on Wednesday February 14th at 12:30 PM CST.  It will also be broadcast at the same time on SOLIDWORKS Live.

Six cubicles will be set up with a desk, chair and a laptop with the software installed. We’ll give you a drawing of a part that you need to create in SOLIDWORKS Connected.  All you need to bring is yourself and some confidence to push through the challenge.  The drawing will be of “Phase 1” of the part.

Just like in real life, there are always revisions and improvements to our designs, so once you finish “Phase 1,” you’ll be given a “Phase 2” drawing, which will show the edits you’ll need to revise on your part.  The challenge registration software will automatically collect both your Phase 1 and 2 models.

The challenge is judged first by accuracy and second by speed.  In order to win the challenge, you need to create both phases of the model accurately and quickly.

3DEXPERIENCE: Hands-on Trial Zone

To make things even more interesting, we will have a Hands-on Trial Zone at the Model Mania booth.  You can try some of the new and extended capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE Works.

SOLIDWORKS + Cloud Services

Sharing SOLIDWORKS designs has never been easier with the new Cloud Services included in every license. Discover the power of cloud collaboration from anywhere, on any device, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Next Generation Design

Enhance your SOLIDWORKS designs with freeform subdivision (SubD) modeling and browser-based CAD. Engage in a hands-on exploration of next-generation design tools on the cloud. This includes the freeform subdivision modeling of xShape and more.

Simulation Showcase

Get a glimpse into the future of cloud-enabled simulation solutions for SOLIDWORKS users. Immerse yourself in a hands-on exploration of our newest and most advanced tools, powered by ABAQUS.

While you’re waiting your turn to participate in the challenge, take advantage of the opportunity to test drive the latest technology and chat about it with the experts at the booth.

There’s so much to see and do at 3DEXPERIENCE World. Don’t wait until the final hour to come to the Model Mania booth. We hope to see you there!

To prepare for the 25th year of Model Mania, here are some past examples.  For more information about Model Mania, go to and search for “Model Mania.”

Note: The models, drawings, and other materials created for the Model Mania® Challenge and distributed by Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation (DS SolidWorks) are intended for the sole use of DS SolidWorks, its partners, and customers, and may not be used for commercial purposes except by DS SolidWorks partners without written consent from DS SolidWorks.

List of model drawings and solution videos by year like in this previous blog.

Jenn Doerksen

Jenn Doerksen

Jenn Doerksen works for Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS, as a Sr. Industrial Process Consultant. She has been part of the SOLIDWORKS community since early 1997, when she bought her first license of SOLIDWORKS. She has a Bachelor’s of Engineering from the University of Victoria and lives with her husband and their dogs in Vancouver BC, Canada.