Dassault Systemes Booth Serves as the Hub of Connections at 3DEXPERIENCE World

Every year as the leaves start to turn, my thoughts turn to 3DEXPERIENCE World. The biggest and best user Design to Manufacturing show, 3DEXPERIENCE World (or World) delivers like no other. Its three days of intensive of gathering industry information, learning about new products and processes, and most importantly on networking and making connections.

World is about connecting people to people, people to answers, and people to possibilities. For me, the hub of these connections is the Dassault Systemes booth located at the center of the Playground. I think the DS Booth is an excellent, yet underused, resource for all attendees, whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first-timer, so let me tell you how to make the DS Booth amplify you whole 3DEXPERIENCE World experience.

The DS Booth is many things to many people. While many World attendees view the DS Booth as a glorified demo and learning location, I assure you that it is so much more.  Yes, the DS Booth is the place to see the complete portfolio of products on offer, and where you can ask focused questions to see how your company might benefit from any new technology. Or maybe you have a technical challenge and want to pick the brains of the experts to see the best way to resolve it. But there is so much more to the DS booth than just technology.

For many attendees World is the most intense learning and networking four days of the year, but it’s easy to get ‘lost’ in the moment and miss out on what you want to see.This is where the DS Booth can help everyone. Even after going to the event for 15+ years, I use the DS Booth as the location for suggestions, directions and answers during my time at World, and I suggest you should do the same. With so much going on at World, it’s hard to keep on top of your agenda, to know what’s going on where and when, and this is where the friendly staff at the booth can help.

After attending a few classes and or the morning General Sessions, you are bound to have questions you didn’t have a time or opportunity to ask. So take a walk to the DS Booth and ask the team there. If they don’t know the answers, you can bet they know who does, and it’s easy to set up an appointment to talk to them one on one.

The hands-on sessions are incredibly popular, and although we do our best to satisfy everyone, maybe you missed out on the session you wanted. Now you can’t run through a hands-on session at the demo booth, but you can get your hands on the software and have someone talk you through the basics of how it works.

With thousands of attendees as well as employees, it can sometimes be hard to meet up, but everyone knows where the DS Booth. When in doubt, set your rendezvous point to be the DS Booth, either using the tables on the booth for your discussions or the locations nearby. Which is why I use the DS Booth as the fulcrum of my whole time at World. If I’m not presenting or attending sessions, you find me here talking and connecting with customers and partners.

And lastly for those of us who are manning the booth, stop by for a chat. It doesn’t even have to be about design and engineering. These ‘water cooler’ moments often spark the ideas and connections that take you to different places. As I said World is about making connections, and the DS Booth can help you both make those connections and amplify them.

I look forward to seeing you at the DS Booth and helping you get the most out of your time at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024.

Stephen Endersby is a Director of Product Portfolio Management at Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS. A passionate believer in the benefits of design analysis Stephen is confident that every designer can make use structural, motion, fluid and plastics simulation tools to improve their product designs and performance. With over 15 years of experience Stephen has worked with companies of all sizes to help them overcome the many design to manufacture challenges they face. Well versed in the application of technology to deliver end user value and improve productivity, for Stephen technology changes but his desire to deliver solutions and value remains the same.