DELMIAWorks Shop Floor Operator Help Bridge the Gap between Technology and Shop Floor

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The Challenges Faced by the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is one industry that has been especially hit hard during the past few years. Supply chain disruptions and a growing skills gap are making business more difficult for manufacturers globally. However, one way to navigate around these challenges is through the use of technology.  DELMIAWorks shop floor solutions helps you digitize your manufacturing operations and improves production transparency throughout the organization.

DELMIAWorks Shop Floor Operator: Bridging the Gap between Technology and the Shop Floor

One new solution, DELMIAWorks Shop Floor Operator, integrates RealTime™ data capture into the Shopworks applications to help eliminate paper-based, redundant processes and production errors. Shop Floor Operator – Shopworks, a touchscreen, shop floor interface to DELMIAWorks EnterpriseIQ, improves production efficiency with configurable Work Center-specific dashboards. Key benefits include streamlining RealTime™ data collection, access and availability, improving quality, and reducing costs by eliminating costly errors and redundant data entry.

Addressing Production Challenges

During the development cycle of the Shop Floor Operator solution, we addressed production challenges with a diverse labor market. The first production challenge was a need for operator adoption of new technology solutions. Our user experience team met with many shop floor operators and production supervisors, which resulted in a set of shop floor and supervisor value-driven features that increase adoption and empower supervisors and operation managers to preset machine operator production reporting workflows, creating a connected worker environment.

The second production challenge was to deliver a fully integrated solution to our finite scheduling and ERP system, by breaking down silos and seamlessly providing the latest schedule changes to the production floor yet flexible enough to override via escalated privileges. Shopworks delivers supervisor-escalated privileges to allow exception scenarios without risking day-to-day operations and increasing communication.

The third challenge, centered on a diverse workforce community, is a tailored nomenclature or multi-lingual environments. The Shopworks solution is customizable and increases adoption by allowing companies to rename our default labels to terminology relevant to their business. We continue to address diverse workforce communities by providing easy-to-deploy and maintain multi-lingual solutions – eighteen languages are available with the 2024 release.

Embracing the Connected Worker: Features of Shop Floor Operator (Shopworks)

The DELMIAWorks Shop Floor Operator role delivers Shopworks and the opportunity to connect your people, equipment, and throughput via a paperless environment with minimal IT cost.

Some notable features of Shopworks include:

  1.      Customizable Dashboard: The connected worker can customize the dashboard layout experience and easily access the activities they use the most. Each shop floor operator, permanent or temporary, can have a personalized experience, allowing quick onboarding and efficient flow through essential production operator tasks, including tasking in and out of jobs, reporting downtime, rejects, and production.
  2.      Access to Latest Approved Documents: The connected worker can quickly identify progress and access the latest approved documents assigned to the Bill of Manufacture, Inventory Item, and Customer.
  3.      Always Print Correct Labels: The connected worker can quickly print labels and create a pallet or print labels for future scanning into inventory with the assurance the right label will be printed with the correct quantity on the label reducing label waste and excessive manual corrections. Our supervisor-escalated privileges allows for label quantity deviations for those end of the run boxes or in cases where a work center might need to pivot to a different job with a partial box or pallet on the go.

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Cris Romo

DELMIAWorks Roles Portfolio Senior Manager, Dassault Systèmes Cris is a true partner to everyone on her team, focusing on innovative solutions while building long-lasting customer relations by addressing industry and business requirements. Cris joined DELMIAWorks as an application specialist playing a key role in launching their new services model and the Advanced Warehouse Management module implementation contributing to development and testing, ensuring clients are successful across different verticals.