Don’t Miss This Demo: 3DEXPERIENCE Works and SOLIDWORKS 2023

The “Don’t Miss This Demo” demo continues at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2022. Also known as the “skit” and Technology Preview, this fan-favorite tradition shows off the latest, greatest and what’s next for the 3DEXPERIENCE Works innovation platform, including a sneak peak at the upcoming release of SOLIDWORKS 2023.

EPISODE ONE: Down the CADTube Hole

This year we get exclusive insider access to the creative process of Mark and Michael as they prepare for the Technology Preview at World. After the R&D kickoff meeting of SOLIDWORKS 2023, Michael’s phone starts suggesting videos to watch. Cute at first, it keeps suggesting videos and before long Michael is neglecting many responsibilities and is falling down a “CADTube” video hole.

In The Joy of Designing, Rob “Extrude” Boss uses his pallet of SOLIDWORKS Cloud apps and a touch screen to create a one-of-a-kind landscape. As we watch Rob create his masterpiece in a web browser, we see parametric modeling with xDesign, subdivision modeling with xShape, generative modeling with xGenerative Design and finally a splash of color with xStudio to produce a high-quality rendering. How cool is that?

With Bsauce, we get a deeper understanding of clouds, data centers, platforms, the history of the mouse and how it all connects us around the globe. To illustrate his points, Bsauce uses the SOLIDWORKS Cloud apps xDesign, xShape and xMotion Design.

The CADWow infomercial shows off the power of the cloud when it comes to 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS: platform-based licensing, data security and mobility, project collaboration…AND…IT’S SOLIDWORKS! It cuts! It extrudes! It sweeps! It fillets! It chamfers! Does assemblies and drawings! And much much more!

We even see industrial design legend Jason Pohl rapidly design and 3D print a new part to save Michelangelo!

Time is flying by with so many entertaining videos and the deadline for Mark and Michael is quickly approaching. Will they be able to get their tasks done on time?

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EPISODE TWO: Procrastination Inspires

We pick up on Mark and Michael boarding the flight to Atlanta. Atlanta!? Isn’t 3DEXPERIENCE World all virtual this year? Yes, but they never read the notification. Perhaps they were watching too many videos.

Mark gets drawn into CADTube with Machine Shop ASMR where the NC Machine Programmer roles really set the shop floor up for a soundscape of success.

And what better way to satisfy your hunger than with a donut from CAD magician Zach Ring? The primitives in xDesign provide a quick and powerful solution when you need cubes, cylinders, spheres and donuts…or tori to be more accurate.

The Virtual Hydraulic Press Channel features the power of Abaqus, pushing components past ultimate failure. In addition, dimensions from SOLIDWORKS are used to explore automated design variations so you can discover the best candidates. And as a bonus, they crush a bottle filled with SPH elements.

Grant CADone shows off his highly successful lifestyle and helps entire companies by leveraging the diversity of 3DEXPERIENCE Works to bring everyone together. Marketing can publish their high quality graphics. Production has access to the latest and greatest information. And projects are easily controlled for everyone. All on the cloud. Boom! That’s a 10X time savings right there!

In a “mail time” episode of Casey ReviseThat, Casey receives a PDM system to try, but he doesn’t have the time nor IT infrastructure. This is why he uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to store, manage, and revise his SOLIDWORKS data. Casey shows a pro tip of how you can use your tablet to capture design review notes and have them available inside SOLIDWORKS.

With all this great content, Mark and Michael are glued to the phone, but as they prepare for takeoff, Michael’s phone is confiscated. They snap back to reality and find out that World will be livestreamed from headquarters. But how will they deliver their demo?

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Inspired by the community, Mark and Michael become “CADTubers” to deliver the TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW of SOLIDWORKS 2023.

Mark begins the Unboxing by showing SOLIDWORKS running on Windows 11 and opens an assembly in record time with full access to all components. This is made possible with the new automatic handling of fully resolved and lightweight states. When it comes to drawings, Mark discovers the added support for displaying transparent components in Hidden Lines Removed and Hidden Lines Visible views. Now that’s a clear drawing!

And when it comes to bill of materials, manually modified cells are easily identified and can be reset by row, column and table. Lastly, grouped BOMs can easily be created with the new filter tools.

Michael is up next with Speaker Tech Tips showing how he designed a water-cooled jacket to keep his cool when presenting, but what’s the use of a one-of-a-kind jacket? Configurations are used to make quick work of the multiple sizes. And now that configurations support instances to skip in pattern features, creating increasingly complex products just got easer.

The logo on the jacket is composed of multiple layers of metal and will also be attached to the jacket. An assembly extrude cut works great for making the holes and with the expanded end conditions, we get the perfect cut right away.

To finish up the design, the enhanced wrap feature can now scribe the stick line font onto the nonplanar face. These complex edges are readily visible in drawings and can be used in downstream machining apps and processes.

In the final CADTube video, we toss it over to Hot Za, the show about hot CAD and even hotter left-over SWUGN pizza where we get to see SOLIDWORKS 2023 really turn up the heat.

Sensors can now monitor sheet metal bounding box properties directly. This helps ensure parts are being designed with the manufacturability in mind and alert the designer if there is an issue.

The gauge value of sheet metal parts can now be linked in custom properties so downstream information like notes, bill of materials and more all point back to the single source of truth.

When it comes to validating the design virtually, SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2023 sees some great enhancements too. To help get your simulation set up right the first time, the new Stability Analyzer identifies under constrained and low stiffness components in the model.

Also, a new option for contact penalty stiffness enables you to decrease the accuracy giving you faster solve times for your early simulation studies.

And with that, Mark and Michael were able to succeed even if they got a little distracted along the way.

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And please remember, this is a TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW of SOLIDWORKS 2023. Feature and functionality are always changing until fully vetted and not guaranteed to be in the next release of the software.

Ever since he was first able to crawl, Michael has been pushing buttons to figure out how things work and sharing his experiences to empower others. From pool trick shots to technology previews while wearing leopard print suits, Michael lives the question of “how can I do that in SOLIDWORKS?”