Solve More Complex Fluid Flow Problems on the Cloud

The Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role, part of the 3DEXPERIENCE® Works portfolio, provides fluid flow and thermal analysis simulations to help guide the design process for SOLIDWORKS® designers and engineers.  It allows for evaluating optimal flow distribution, efficient thermal management, minimal pressure losses, and other performance criteria early in the design cycle. Fluid Dynamics Engineer enables design engineers to carry out high-fidelity internal and external fluid flow and thermal simulations, delivering actionable information to improve products while they are designing them.

Access to fast, accurate fluid flow solutions allows you to evaluate multiple designs. Possessing this information early in the design cycle can reduce costs while improving performance and quality.

Inspire Innovation

In a typical design process for flow and thermal systems, designers or engineers create 3D models, which are then sent to a specialist for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and simulation. This typically takes several months, followed by physical testing. Fluid Dynamics Engineer is tailored for engineers who perform routine fluid flow and conjugate heat transfer calculations to guide design improvements while exploring innovative design concepts.

The solution leverages industry-standard, RANS-based finite volume CFD technology with a fully guided user experience. It enables users to quickly explore hundreds of designs while concurrently improving product performance. This allows designers and engineers—even simulation novices—to innovate simulation-driven designs.

With Fluid Dynamics Engineer, simulation technologies are connected with SOLIDWORKS® and PLM, thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE Works connection, leveraging a single collaborative environment for end-to-end product development. Plus, high-performance computing capabilities on the cloud enable fast and powerful performance that doesn’t depend on your local hardware resources.

Cloud Computing Power

Cloud computing resources enable you to instantly leverage more power to perform simulations of any size or complexity whenever you need them.

Install and get started within an hour and expand beyond local hardware and software capabilities. Solve large, complex problems faster than in a desktop-only environment and purchase additional cloud credits anytime to increase computing resources as needed.

Because the 3DEXPERIENCE Works platform connects CFD simulations to SOLIDWORKS and PLM data, any design changes are easily updated in the simulation, and results are fed back into the 3D design immediately.

Benefits of cloud-based product development include:

  •   Reduced IT costs for hardware and software
  •   Ability to solve larger and more complex models with cloud computing resources
  •   Accelerated turnaround time through High Performance Computing (HPC)
  •   Faster deployment—get started within an hour

Get There Faster

Fluid Dynamics Engineer is for small, medium, or large companies that need to solve all types of Fluid Flow simulation problems to bring new and innovative products to market faster.

3DEXPERIENCE Works flow simulation leverages the SIMULIA technology to solve fluid flow problems faster and with more confidence. High-performance computers on the cloud speed up larger or complex simulations, enabling you to continue your day-to-day work on your local computer. And, finally, it is so much easier to share, review, and compare simulation results with your colleagues on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

For more information about the 3DEXPERIENCE Works Flow Simulation portfolio, contact your local SOLIDWORKS reseller.

Lotfi Derbal

Lotfi Derbal

Lotfi Derbal is a Mechanical Engineer with a B. Sc. and M.Sc. in Engineering from Université de Paris VI, UPMC. He spent more than eight years at SIMPOE as Technical Director. His areas of expertise include finite elements, simulation software (structural, CFD, etc.), and plastics simulation. Lotfi joined DS SolidWorks in 2013 as Product Manager for SOLIDWORKS Plastics and Flow Simulation.