SOLIDWORKS CAD: Top 10 Features: Part 1

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We’re constantly improving and upgrading our software. Whether it’s a bug fix to increase performance and reliability, a community-requested enhancement, or patching in new functionality and supported file formats, SOLIDWORKS is always evolving.

Let’s check out the top 10 new features for SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020:

10. Connected Design-to-Manufacturing Ecosystem in the Cloud

Enable Seamless product development workflows and easily extend them with new tools as your business needs evolve. To learn more, check out the video below:


  • Direct Connection: Easily connect SOLIDWORKS 2020 with key tools through the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.  The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Connector for SOLIDWORKS Desktop enables you to leverage your existing, on-premise design data to work how and when you want.
  • Data Sharing and Collaboration: Share models back and forth between SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE tools. Collaborate in real time from anywhere and on any device.
  • Extended Workflows: Easily extend your design ecosystem with new capabilities such as subdivision (Sub-D) modeling, conceptual design, and product lifecycle and project management in the cloud.

9. Improvements to SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Enhance flexibility with support of new file formats and customizable materials.

  • XR Exporter: Easily convert your Visualize files to AR/VR experiences.
  • PDM Integration: Manage your files more easily with SOLIDWORKS PDM integration.

8. More Flexibility for Surfacing

Simplify and speed up your design with more robust, flexible surface options.

  • Offset Surface: Identify faces on a surface that cannot be offset, and create an offset surface without them.
  • Thicken: Specify more types of surface direction vectors (other than normal) to a face.

7. Expanded Interoperability with 3D Interconnect

Collaborate with more data sources easily.


  • Drag and Drop into SOLIDWORKS: Drag a non-native SOLIDWORKS file into an active part or assembly.
  • New File Types: Work with BREP data from DXF™/DWG files and IFC files.

6. Improved Design Experience

Save time and simplify design tasks.

  • 3D Printing: Access an extensive list of commercially available 3D printer volumes and create slices for 3D printing directly from SOLIDWORKS® geometry.  Save time and simplify your design tasks with this feature.

Tune in Friday for Part 2 of our top 10 SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 features. For a list of all your Subscription Service benefits, Click here.


Josie Morales

Josie Morales

Josie connects with SOLIDWORKS users every day to help them share their cool and ground breaking design stories. When not speaking to users, she's binge watching everything.