From Startup to Success – FLIT, Folding Electric Bikes

FLIT, a startup company based in Cambridge, England, are creating beautiful folding ebikes that are ‘fast to fold and light to carry’. Within 3 years, FLIT have turned early sketches into a viable and growing business. A great example of the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneurial Program, founders Dave Henderson and Alex Murray launched the FLIT-16 on Kickstarter in July 2019.

The ‘last mile’ conundrum

The FLIT-16 - Startup Success

Transport in cities across the world is changing along with the populations that reside in them. A UN report last year projected that 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050 (currently 55%). Europe’s population is already at 74%, North America 82% and these numbers are only going in one direction.

This squeeze on space and increasing demand for ‘multimodal’ transport has given rise to many new strategies of ways to get from A to B. The ‘last mile’ conundrum between transport hubs and residential areas is key to reducing inner city congestion. It is this conundrum that FLIT have set ambitious plans to provide part of the solution.

Success or failure of a Startup

The success of a Startup business has a lot to do with knowing what support is available to you. There is a lot to consider, whether it’s grant funding opportunities, viable work space, recruitment, hardware or software. Being based out of the Cambridge Future Business Centre exposed Dave and Alex to other entrepreneurs and business mentors. This networking and the partnership Cambridge Future Business Centre has with Solid Solutions, introduced FLIT to the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneurial Program.

Watch the video below to hear from Dave and Alex on the lessons they have learnt. How the exposure to the full SOLIDWORKS portfolio of products has really set them up for future growth. To see more from FLIT, visit


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