What Hardware Should I Choose for my CAD applications?

Whether you are purchasing a new machine or updating an existing machine, choosing the right hardware for the job can be tough. With a SOLIDWORKS technical support team of well over 100, SOLIDWORKS value-added reseller Solid Solutions puts systems to the test daily. Because of this, we have to make sure they are secure, efficient and up to the job. Through this experience and in-house expertise, we have learned a lot about the right hardware choice for any particular application.

Designing a large assembly, simulating a complex scenario or rendering a photo-realistic image all have varying demands. Watch the video below to learn what considerations you will need to make, whether that is graphics cards, hard-drives, processors or RAM.

Hardware Configurations for running SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD

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Solid Solutions Technical Team
Solid Solutions Management Ltd was founded in 1998, originally as a SOLIDWORKS training and support provider. Now a Group with over 20 offices across the UK and Ireland, Solid Solutions is not only the leading SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD reseller in both regions, it also offers expert professional design solutions and consultancy services to more than 15,000+ customers. With over 200 employees and the largest SOLIDWORKS technical team in the world, Solid Solutions is focused on growth and on its customers’ development and success.
Solid Solutions Technical Team
Solid Solutions Technical Team

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