3 Reasons to Upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2020

We are always looking for ways to design faster and smarter. With SOLIDWORKS® 2020, improvements to weldments, large assembly design and drawings provide several big reasons to upgrade that will deliver improved productivity and increased performance.


  1. Improved weldment structures. Last year, SOLIDWORKS 2019 introduced Structure Systems, a reboot of our capabilities for weldment design, giving users more power and efficiency and clearing the way for many future enhancement projects. SOLIDWORKS 2020 includes support for curved structural members and expands patterning capabilities so you can create larger structures faster with fewer mouse clicks.



Complex top-down design workflows can be tricky. This subassembly needs to reference items in the TOP level assembly, which means the entire structure has to be loaded.

That not only causes a performance hit, but it can be a nightmare for data management. The new Envelope Publisher addresses this challenge. An envelope is a simplified placeholder for larger groups of geometry, allowing the user to pull in references to a higher level assembly without having to load that assembly.




If you work with in a top-design environment, the Envelope Publisher should result in big performance improvements and simplify data management.

3.  Where there are complex designs, there are complex drawings, and this is an area where everyone wants faster performance. Detailing Mode allows users to do most drafting functions in a fraction of the previous time because it no longer requires the 3D model information to be loaded in the background.

This means drawings will open lightning fast, and user interactions will be even faster. Detailing Mode just might be the most popular enhancement for 2020 because drawing performance is critical to just about every SOLIDWORKS user. With Detailing Mode, users will no longer have to wait for long open and rebuild times to get to work.

Improved weldment workflows with Structure Systems, the new Envelope Publisher for top down designs, and the lightning fast Detailing Mode for drawings are just a few of the highlights of SOLIDWORKS 2020. These three core CAD enhancements are available in SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium and can help anyone design faster and smarter.

Attend a reseller launch event in your area to see what else is new in SOLIDWORKS 2020. Or try it for yourself with a free, no-install-needed online trial by visiting https://my.solidworks.com/try-solidworks!


Brad Williamson is a Senior Industry Process Consultant with Dassault Systemes who has been helping customers learn, use and succeed with SOLIDWORKS since 1996. Based in the Music City, when he’s not designing in SOLIDWORKS, you’ll find him out playing drums in the Nashville music and theatre scene.

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