SOLIDWORKS Sell Expands Augmented Reality Capabilities for Android Users

Augmented reality (AR) combines the technology of a camera and software to superimpose 3D objects into a real-life environment in real time. There is a wide range of capabilities and uses for this technology. It’s been used in games to bring fantasy and adventure to your back yard. It’s been used in educational apps that help you learn about star formations. It’s even been used in certain apps to create 3D art in the world around you, without having to actually draw on the walls. SOLIDWORKS Sell has utilized this interactive technology and has expanded its AR capabilities to Android users with the help of Google’s ARCore. Now, even more people get to have fun customizing and viewing products in their own homes.

There are many benefits to including AR in an online configurator. From a developer’s standpoint, it can greatly increase traffic on your website. found that not only does it increase the time people spend on a website or product if it has AR capabilities, but it also increases return visits from customers. There is no need to install new software into your computer system, all you need to do is add an AR button onto your template, enable it for AR and you are good to go.

Consumers also get an incredible experience with the new features. After customizing a product as their own, they will be able to see how it fits in their own space. This way, they can feel better about what they’ve ordered, already knowing how the product will fit and look on the counter top or side of a room. Not to mention, there is no need for them to get fancy controllers, headsets, or QR cards to be able to access the AR functions. All they will need is a smartphone and an internet connection and they’ll be able to customize and view anything from the palm of their hands. Because of this, it is extremely versatile and people will be able to move around and use it in every room with ease.

Set up is very simple for the end user. All that needs to be done is to make sure their device has AR capabilities already installed. For Apple users, they’ll need to have iOS 12 or above already installed on their device. For Android users, the story is a little different. They need to have the app Google ARCore installed. If it does not come up when searched for on the device, then it needs to be downloaded from the Google play store. As seen in the image above, the only difference in the experience for Android and iOS users is some of the visuals included in the respective apps. Besides this, both devices will work the same for SOLIDWORKS Sell. For more detail on AR in SOLIDWORKS Sell, check out our YouTube tutorial below.

Rebecca Stafstrom

Rebecca Stafstrom

I am a Product Portfolio Management intern at SOLIDWORKS. I am a rising junior at University of Massachusetts Lowell, with a major in mechanical engineering and a minor in aerospace studies. I am hoping to get in the aerospace industry and am interested in design, additive manufacturing, and materials.