New SOLIDWORKS Simulation Expert Exam Now Available

A new SOLIDWORKS Simulation Expert exam is now available! This is the second expert-level exam from the SOLIDWORKS Brand. This exam was developed for seasoned analysis users who have a good understanding of the entire suite of analysis tools available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium.

The challenges in this exam include everything from troubleshooting meshing problems, to solving contact problems with connectors, extracting natural frequencies and mode shapes, simulating composite structures, analyzing large displacements scenarios that include nonlinear materials, and solving transient thermal problems.

The exam is set to last up to three hours and consists of 40 questions:

  • 10 hands-on problems covering all the different analysis types available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium including Static, Thermal, Frequency, Nonlinear and Linear Dynamic. Those problems will challenge your expertise in the areas of meshing, 2D simplification, shells and composites, and will test your ability to extract meaningful results out of your studies.
  • 30 multiple choice questions to test your expert knowledge of the theory, software capabilities, and your familiarity with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation interface.

To be allowed to take the Simulation Expert exam, you need to have earned the following three certifications as a prerequisite:

⦁ Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Mechanical Design (CSWP)
⦁ Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional – Simulation (CSWP-S)
⦁ Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate – Simulation (CSWA-S)

You must use at least SOLIDWORKS 2017 with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium 2017 in order to take this exam. Any use of a previous version will result in the inability to open some of the testing files. Also, a 90-day waiting period between retakes applies in the event the user doesn’t pass on the first attempt.

We are delighted to add Simulation Users to our Expert community. Good luck!

For more information about this exam, please visit our Certification Catalog.

Mike Sabocheck
Mike Sabocheck is a Technical Sales Director with Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS. Mike has been with DS SOLIDWORKS for 21 years. Prior to SOLIDWORKS he worked for Xerox for 17 years and then for Intergraph. His specialties are applying SOLIDWORKS to different design and manufacturing processes.