Sunfire GmbH Innovates Clean Energy Technology

Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to make clean energy available wherever and whenever?  That’s the mission of Sunfire GmbH which it strives for everyday with the help of SOLIDWORKS. Let’s hear its story.

Recognized as one of the 10 most innovative companies in the world, Sunfire GmbH is a leading German developer and manufacturer of clean, efficient solutions for off-grid power and heat generation, industrial gases and fuel production, and energy storage.  Some of its innovate products include high-performance solid oxide fuel cells that produce both heat and electricity from natural gas or biogas; reversible electrolyzers that create renewable, low-cost hydrogen from water, and robust, low-maintenance, off-grid generators that produce reliable, durable, and autonomous power in remote areas.

Sunfire GmbH has used SOLIDWORKS software since its founding so when it came time to find a new electrical design software, it didn’t take long to standardize on SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics and SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D.  The software integrates directly with the SOLIDWORKS modeling environment and provides Sunfire with an overall better solution.

“SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D software has allowed us to bring our entire development effort onto the same platform, saving time and enabling us to achieve additional integration and automation via our ERP system.” Say Dr. Wolfgang Staroske, Senior Engineer, Large Systems and Team Leader, Electrical Engineering Group.

Since implementing SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D design software, Sunfire has completely integrated its development processes, resulting in shorter design cycles, fewer errors, and elimination of redundant tasks. To provide even more alignment and integration, it recently added SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to link its mechanical and electrical data to its ERP system.

To find out more about Sunfire GmbH and how it uses SOLIDWORKS Premium and Electrical Solutions to create clean energy technologies, Click Here.

Josie Morales

Josie Morales

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