Prent Corporation Advances Industry Standards with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

Is your company always striving to be at the top of its industry?  Keeping up with the latest technologies and even creating its own innovations to advance its goals? SOLIDWORKS has some of the greatest customers in the world, so I have little doubt this describes most of you.  In this blog, we are highlight our customer Prent Corporation, for doing just that, leveraging the latest technologies and SOLIDWORKS Solutions to better serve its customers.  Let’s take a look at its story.

Prent Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom, plastic thermoform packaging and related systems for the medical device, electronics, and consumer products industries. For 50 years, Prent has pioneered thermoforming processes, including numerous innovations that have helped advance industry standards. The company has won 15 WorldStar Packaging Awards for custom thermoformed packages for the medical device industry, more than any other medical or pharmaceutical company in the world.

Since Prent is continually looking to improve its processes, in 2006 it started evaluating 3D systems to determine if there was a better solution for the global nature of thecompany.  After evaluating Solid Edge®, Pro/ENGINEER®, and SOLIDWORKS® design software, Prent chose to standardize on SOLIDWORKS solutions.

According to Chief Information Officer at Prent, Steve Zimmerman, “We wanted to streamline our development processes to save time, improve accuracy, and increase global collaboration in response to growing demand for our packaging solutions worldwide.”  He continues, “We found the SOLIDWORKS environment to be a better solution for several reasons. SOLIDWORKS is easier to use—in fact, a lot of engineers right out of college know how to use it, which reduces training requirements—is better for integrating with our customers and partners; and provides the integrated design, analysis, and PDM tools that we need at the best price.”

Prent engineers also leverage SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium to optimize its design performance and PDM Professional solutions to streamline its entire design-to-manufacturing process.

To learn more about Prent Corporation and how they use SOLIDWORKS Solutions to leverage the latest technologies and improve its industry standards, Click Here.

Josie Morales

Josie Morales

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