Burocco Industrial Valves Finds its Flow by Switching to SOLIDWORKS

Burocco Industrial Valves has designed and manufactured stainless steel industrial valves for regulating, shutting off, and turning on the flow of water and other fluids since 1954. Today, Burocco produces some of the world’s best-performing industrial valves, including control valves, pneumatic on/off valves, manual Y-type valves, ball valves, specialty valves, and accessories.

In order to maintain its high-performing status, it is very important for the engineers at Burocco to understand the fluid dynamics within its new valve designs without having to sacrifice time with multiple iterations of physical prototypes. According to Sales Manager Paolo Palestro, “We realized that we needed a fluid-flow simulation solution because the Inventor and Fusion 360 applications that we had been using were unable to do the types of flow simulations that we needed to accelerate development and production,” Palestro recalls. “Our principal need was the ability to accurately calculate the flow of a fluid inside our valves.”

After investigating several solutions, the company standardized on SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Flow SimulationSOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, and SOLIDWORKS Composer.  They chose SOLIDWORKS solutions because they are easy to use, are fully integrated with the SOLIDWORKS CAD system, and provide access to a wide range of integrated applications.  Palestro adds, “Using SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, we not only come to understand where areas of turbulence damage the clean flows that we need, but also determine how changes to the valve design can smooth the flow, reducing prototyping and machining costs.”

Learn more about Burocco Industrial Valves S.R.L and how its switch to SOLIDWORKS from Inventor and Fusion 360 allowed the company to shorten its design cycles by 25 percent and predict fluid flows with 98 percent accuracy.  Click Here to read more.



Josie Morales

Josie Morales

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