Kinder Design Creates Innovative Products Faster with SOLIDWORKS Premium

At SOLIDWORKS, we love hearing stories of how our users create innovative products.  In today’s customer story highlight, we introduce Kinder Design Inc., a leading design and engineering services consulting firm based near Toronto, Canada. Not only does Kinder Design produce innovative designs for its customers, but they also used SOLIDWORKS solutions to create its own product, the Lift Top.  Owner and Mechanical Designer Tim Chung, who founded Kinder Design after spending over 10 years working as a mechanical engineer, previously relied on 2D design packages, like AutoCAD® and CADKEY®.  When starting his own business, he quickly realized that in order to be successful and continually grow his company, switching to a 3D design package would be critical to saving time and automating design processes.  It did not take long for Chung and Kinder Design to standardize on SOLIDWORKS Premium.

Chung explains, “With SOLIDWORKS® 3D design software, I am able to complete my work quickly and efficiently. SOLIDWORKS is also the most commonly used 3D package in the areas and industries in which I consult, so the decision to use SOLIDWORKS was easy to make.”

Not only does Kinder Design use SOLIDWORKS to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for its clients, but they also develop its own innovative products, such as the Lift Top adjustable desktop table, with the help of SOLIDWORKS.  This Lift Top adjustable table allows users to work comfortably both sitting and standing with minimal effort switching back and forth.

During the development of the Lift Top, Chung’s goal was to make this table as portable and lightweight as possible to make it easy for on-the-go.  To make the product as light as possible while maintaining strength, Chung took advantage of SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools, which are included in SOLIDWORKS Premium to optimize the design. He was able to cut the number of prototypes by 75 percent.

To find out more about the Kinder Design and how it cut its development time in half with SOLIDWORKS Premium, Click Here.


Josie Morales

Josie Morales

Josie connects with SOLIDWORKS users every day to help them share their cool and ground breaking design stories. When not speaking to users, she's binge watching everything.